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White Mart Digital Scale Body Fat Scale Weight BMI Scale KG LB ST LED Display 3-180kg

White Mart Digital Scale Body Fat Scale Weight BMI Scale KG LB ST LED Display 3-180kg

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Health Manager: AiFit Health APP can record historical data. scientifically analyze various body indicators and automatically generate daily. weekly. and monthly health curves to provide the right guidance for a good body. It can also share data with Apple Health. Google Fit. Samsung Health. Fitbit. and others can be synchronized. Powerful Functions: It allows you to measure 18 different health indicators. including muscle mass. water. visceral fat. bone mass. body age. standard weight. weight control. fat mass. protein rate. protein mass. obesity class. muscle mass. BMI. body mass. body score. defatted weight. fat rate and basal metabolic rate. so that you can understand your body composition and make more informed decisions about your health. Accurate Data Measurement: The advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology outputs 18 body data with high accuracy through the human body standing on the four-point electrode of the fat scale. applying the subtle dual-frequency AC signal to measure the body's electrical impedance value. and combining the height. weight. age. and other data. Robust and Durable: The high-quality ABS panel and stainless steel electrode piece are extremely robust. hard-wearing. impact-resistant. and resistant to deformation. ensuring a long service life.  Family Friendly: It creates user profiles for family members (up to 8 people) to manage each person's health separately. Also. the baby mode facilitates accurate weight measurement of babies or pets. Power Saving: Intelligent sensor switch-on allows automatic switch-on during weighing. The scale will automatically switch off if any operation is not performed within 10 seconds to prevent power loss. Good Weighing Performance: Four high-precision sensor systems distributed at the four corners of the scale. with uniform forces and sensitive sensing of subtle floating movements. allows weighing with high precision (0.2lb ) and large load capacity (400lbs). User-friendly Design: You can choose the weighing units (kg/lb/st) in the APP. saving you the hassle of calculations. It also has a low battery and overload indication. so you can replace the battery in time and avoid overload damage to the scale. LED Display: The clear LED display allows you to intuitively understand your weight and error indication.

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