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Primal Elements Wish Candle, Fabulous - 9.5 oz.

Primal Elements Wish Candle, Fabulous - 9.5 oz.

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Features Decadent delight with notes of praline. crisp apple and pear. Primal Elements' Wish Candles are the perfect gift for all. Rhinestone accents adorn our candles as well as their matching gift boxes to have it packaged and ready to hand off. Wish candles provide many hours of aromatic delight wherever you take it. We hand-pour each candle in small batches to ensure optimum fragrance and quality. Wish Candles use a high-quality soy-vegetable wax and aromatics. Paired with a matching gift box. our candles are adorned in rhinestone accents to make this candle a stand-out gift. Size - 9.5 - SKU: PRELM1076

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